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About us

With the quality & new design we move forward

Every furniture we paint, every detail we touch, every inspection report we made, not only just for showing customers we did this job. We would like to express the intention that every single furniture we made and ship out, is full fill with our concentration and love..

We are experienced and confident

Journey began from 2002. Nowadays, with a group of vibrant outstanding staffs, we have more energy to find, develop and produce products in fashion-forward trends, and handcraft exclusive items with you specifically in mind.

Competitive Price

Get a competitive price based on the most suitable condition. Plus, unlock deeper savings as you spend with our tiered pricing program.

Strict Quality System

No matter how much your order is, our professional QC will do best to keep the quality nice. Every products has their value, we want you to feel it.

Solutions Provider

Can’t decided what kind of product to choose and how many pieces to order? Let us know your situation, solutions are willing to be provided. We welcome your questions at any time.

Always Exceed Expectation

Delivery, quality, communication etc,. What you need, is the direction of effort for us. We enjoy the feeling of making you feel exceed expectation

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